A Review: Jack Haines… by W.J. Lindberg


Jack Haines is a dry humorist. He writes satires on our current culture. His writing style reminds me of Winston Groom’s novel “Forest Gump,” and Aaron Dietz‘s memoir “In Case I Die.”

In “I Invented That,” a short that is coming out in Issue 4, he pokes fun at the get-rich-quick scams that used to appear on late night TV and as spam in our email inboxes. The product his character invents is a hoot. You’ll have to read the story to see what I mean. In Issue 2: Paint Darkness into Day, I published a story by Jack called, “Looking for Work (part 1),” that was equally silly. I’m still waiting for him to write part 2.

Issue 4 will be formatted for Kindle and Print on Demand and will focus on Seattle area writers. It will be released in the Amazon Kindle store late in December and the POD will come out in spring 2014. Then in April, Seattle area contributors will be invited to a reading of it hosted by Duane Kirby Jensen at Everett Poetry Nite. Similarly so, Issue 5 will concentrate on Oregon poets, storytellers, and artists. The Kindle version of Issue 5 will come out in late in June of 2014 and the POD will be released in the fall.

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