PENHEAD PRESS CHALLENGE: #0 Two Lines — A Pantoum by William James


Two Lines Form a Simple Three Stanza Pantoum

A dirty white dog will not shit
As they circle, a girl shifts her buttocks
She lets out a short strangled toot

Her dog, lifts its nose and breathes in deeply

But as they circle, she shifts her buttocks in the chair
They call out a number, repeat it twice
Her dog raises her snout sniffing deeply into the air

The lead horse rounds turn one

In excitement, they announce the number repetitively
She leaks out a flabby muffled toot
The lead horse rounds the first turn

Her dirty white dog simply will not shit

– – -by William James


I know this poem is bad. And it is not even polished. But the point of posting a disasterpiece is demonstrative only to the exercise of using two prompt lines to compose a three stanza pantoum.

This pantoum utlized two lines from Charles Bukowski’s poem, “The State of World Affairs from a 3rd Floor Window.” If you are interested in giving the writing challenge a go, turn to (or click on) the page A CHALLENGE for directions.





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