111 WORDS: Soap is Self Cleaning by William James


Soap is Self-Cleaning

Many things will never happen
I dream and fantasize about being other lives
But there is this one thing
I can guarantee you is fact
In the shower
I soften the soap with my hands
Clean my privates
Back, legs, toes, shoulder, arms, fingers
The last part I wash is my face
But just before that
I clean the grit out of my anus
after peeling a layer of the soap off
It is a mystery
I don’t know why I do it in that order
It must reveal something about my nature
How I internalized my self-esteem


Soap is self-cleaning is a reflective poem written in the shower and crafted to fit into a particular schema. The inspiration is a FRIENDS episode where Joey and Chandler fight over the soap or being roommates or some shit like that.

Copyright © 2014 by William James







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