Resident Artist 2: David Arthur, No. 6


what the ocean drug in

Days Go By…
What a cliche’…
This is for empty king sized beds
for cigarettes and hollowed bottles
then morning hangovers.
For broken hearts
and tear drops on holidays
because they “are tender as a mother’s heart”
This is for window views to brick walls,
blank high school years books
followed by unused college degrees
that keep taxing it forward
to muted loudspeakers,
the quote “ace up the sleeve”
This is for front page secrets
about aching backs on a pillow top,
acupuncture from springs on the couch
and please don’t forget, the cured enough to die.
But, “this too shall pass”
For the handi-capable
looking with hands
and visually listening.
The pretty pimples and cracked teeth
you know, “the all bent out of shape”
The enchanted belt on bare skin
by the all knowing switch;
quenching a thirst with eye water.
Leading to the all desired quiet
because when a bull is in a china shop,
there is always light
at the end of the tunnel.
What a cliche’…
…Days still go by….

Copyright © 2016 by David Arthur







One thought on “Resident Artist 2: David Arthur, No. 6

  1. Lauri Langston
    July 29, 2016 at 4:53 am

    Painfully beautiful!

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