Resident Artist 3: Dion Loubser No. 5



Resident Artist 3: No. 5 — Perro Negro


Perro Negrotinto by Dion Loubser

I was scared
The cars snarled
The rain lashed
And the wind howled
The bus station wallowed in its filth
I scowled with my coat collar up
And my hands deep in my pockets
But they saw through me
The scum and the sick
The tattooed and toothless
They cackled
And the bus roared
I scrambled on and huddled
And hid
And the world was black
Then the sun smiled on me
Bright and warm
I breathed in the light
And my myriad illnesses retreated
My heart beat strongly
My cancers never were
I was hungry again
And taller
I strode through the bus station
My coat trailed behind me
The lepers quailed at my passing
And hid their sinful souls
My eyes cleared the way ahead
And the world was gold



Copyright © 2016 by Dion Loubser







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