Resident Artist 2: David Arthur, No. 9


Weeds by William J Lindberg


David Arthur, No. 9: OUR WILD FLOWERS

On a plateau of wild
flowers is where I keep
you. No memory ever
happened placing you
here, but alas, when I think
of you, that’s where I find you.
Blowing around in the wind
while everybody vicariously
views your confidence, but I,
know the difference. We both
do not know how to exist, nor where
to go, nor how to act appropriately,
but yet, the envious staring eyes
glare, as if, we have this bleak style
of life on lock. If they only knew,
how much blank thoughts
guided our frolicking amongst
dandelion spread. They don’t see
the amount of exhausted oxygen
from our lungs, disseminating
across a triumphant hilltop of freedom.
They don’t realize, the lack of air
could jade a decision making
process. So, we continue to hold
hands, all alone, vacated across
the country. Clenching metaphorical
palms like umbilical chords
attached to freedom. And the only
thing we know, is, we love one
another, all though, we do not
what love is,

Copyright © 2016 by David Arthur







One thought on “Resident Artist 2: David Arthur, No. 9

  1. Emma B.
    October 25, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    The loneliness and isolation oozes from this piece in the most subtle and beautiful ways. Stuck with someone in the most beautiful of places…

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