Resident Artist 2: David Arthur, No. 10

Testament in Waves by William James Lindberg

                     Testament in Waves by William James Lindberg

David Arthur, No. 10: Battling Entropy And Nurture

We secured your boat from forces
of nature with the longest rope
we could locate. Preventing the sway
from the tide and yet we still closed
our eyes on your bed. The boat did not
move, but the motion continued. Inside
some storm, and we know our nature.
Storms last but a moment and we
battle about our premeditated end.
The brisk eye moved over, and calmness
still has yet to settle. We point our compass
north and set sail into the heart
of the cyclone. Pretending to be naive,
pretending blindness, pretending this
does not weigh. And the only submissive
comfort is found when our arms wrap
around each other like spiderwebs.
The midnight hour passed and we fell
into oblivion. Welcoming the next day
cheek to cheek, avoiding fault lines
of loneliness. Avoiding questions we both
want to ask but feel more satisfied by not
asking and just living around one another.
My arms feel a totality when your body
is inside them. You have become
the replacement of my concrete
attitude and the comfort of mystery’s
guiding behavior. All the while
inside my perfect storm.

Copyright © 2016 by David Arthur







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