Resident Artist 3: Dion Loubser No. 8



Resident Artist 3: No. 8 —- HANGOVER


Treasure Bar by Dion Loubser

Wake up in a daze
Close to the ground
Stuck to the floor in my jeans
Numb arm and carpet pattern cheek
Where is this?
Stand slowly
One eye shut on the pain
A blur of bottles on the bar
Someone slumped on a couch
Shuffle around for a better look
Panic as the night before
Comes rushing at me
Like a sober locomotive
With raised eyebrows
Time to do the right thing
And leave
Before anyone sees me
Relief of wallet and phone
In my pocket
No sunglasses though
Fumble and search the debris
Find them
In a bowl of…some liquid
Step gingerly past slumbering bodies
Anonymously unconscious
Aim for the door
Spotlight bright sun dazzles
Looks like a nice day



Copyright © 2016 by Dion Loubser







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