Resident Artist 3: Dion Loubser No. 10


Resident Artist 3: No. 10 — Yesterday


Yesterday was my darkest day
They swarmed my defenses
Opened the gates and forced me to watch
All my fear and failures
I sat in my blood and tears
My heart blackened and burned
I broke when I fell
And they left me to die
And die I did
A hundred times and more
The demons ripped at my flesh
They fought to claim my soul
But something kept bringing me back
The tiniest flicker of light
Somewhere in that desperate darkness
I found the strength to stoke that flame
Yesterday they killed me but I lived
My mothers angel stroked my cheek
She allowed me to forgive myself
And showed me why I must go on
This lonely road is no easier to travel
But that flame has become an inferno
And in the absence of yesterdays shadow
I can finally see my enemy

Copyright © 2017 by Dion Loubser


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