Resident Artist 4: The Rotary Quern by Tamara Lakomy No. 2



Resident Artist 4: No. 1 — THE ROTARY QUERN


I have the devil in my soul and a knife in my heart
Twisting as a rotary quern, grinding me to dust
Blood and bone shall be the bread, as I’m shorn apart
To feast you on my suffering as I relieve you of my trust
For what was tender is now a poison, what was precious is now my fear
I watch you transform into the fabric of demonic dreams
For what I had washed with my agony is not pure, the distilled essence of my tear
As vessels emptied of their charge, fleeing into the ever weeping streams
There is no bounty nor relief, I held the crescent upon my brow
Illuminate my sorrow as howling darkness hunts my heel
For like a barge into the void I navigate, with a radiant hope at the prow
The chains of my defiance are the ardent embers of my mind’s steel
The torn mind is but a leaf, your voice calls out to deaf heavens bleak
For the gilded words were but lies, a fantasy for the mind so weak
The laughter bounces off the face of the moon, it upends the vessel of the stars
Where it mocks your solitary journey, impaled upon infinity’s bars
The realms of existence are a cage, moribund creation hurtling into space
Burning beneath the cold eye of its master, who dispenses beams of grace
As sunlight upon the icy wastes, the golden glow assuages the chill
As earth holds its breath in awe and its heartbeat for a moment is still
For we live for a parcel of mercy, and the hope of a regenerating smile
And we wait at the doors of silence, weeping unloved, for the turning key
For like orphans, we look up to the heavenly stair, hearts emptied of their guile
Hoping for respite from games of creation, from the confines of the world free
So with reddened eyes we grind our souls, pride swallowed in despair
We dream of our liberation as we reduce our bones to ash and thought
Then as ghosts clad in the firmament, we shall sail up that lonely stair
To meet the orchestrator of our symphony and gaze on the work he wrought.


Copyright © 2017 by Tamara Lakomy





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