Resident Artist 3: Dion Loubser No. 11


Resident Artist 3: No. 11 — Stranger


I saw my life complete
In a single fragile flutter
of the dragonfly’s wing
as it led me to the light
from the depths of the jungle
Our time is condensed
such that we cannot see our path
But I managed a glimpse
And though I am stranger to you
I am the person I need to be
In this world drawn for us
It is a comfort to belong
To create the illusion
Of strength in numbers
But that is empty reward
For life lived at the end of a chain
For the tears and flowers
At your funeral
Please accept my apologies
But I will be away
Wild with Eleutheromania
Finding my horizon
I may die in an avalanche
Or drown in a far sea
I may return alive
Or in an oriental vase
Ashes to ashes
Cry if you must
But I have to touch this life
Before I am dust

Copyright © 2017 by Dion Loubser


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