Resident Artist 4: Addiction by Tamara Lakomy No. 3




Addiction by Tamara Lakomy No. 3


For some are addicted to the flavour of pain
And others to the kiss of the razor as it meets the vein
For nothing is surer than the release it can obtain
Down with life through your vessels to drain
For some to the stars are bright gazers forlorn
Waiting for their turn to die, patience their vice
As tight digs into their heart, their favourite thorn
Rolling the conditions of misery with careless dice
For some are enamoured with gouging out their eyes
Burned by the sun that is both a joy and a disease
For blindness is a respite from the horror that lies
Beneath the lid of human misery that we deliriously appease
For those that hide in the womb of earth, unwilling to be born
Expelled by her writhing innards, scandalised by cowardice
Between the unknown regions of death and life treacherously torn
Pandering to the reaper’s desire, and the grave’s covetice
For some whose shrieks are flails that separate flesh from bone
Howling their dismal call to the legions of the bursting hell
Where the ruling One laughs seated upon countless skulls as a throne
Knowing what answers you yearn for, falling easily for his spell
So for some pain is a lover that twists round the soul
Embraces your body with claws that vow never to desist
Burning within your chest as a malevolent glowering coal
Ever deeper into your flesh to tear ever eager to persist
For the shards of the rent windows of the skies have plucked my sight
And cut my gullet, no voice to describe the anguish, music of my mind
For as the demons lurk in darkness, I am the forgotten bride of night
Tagging the wretched memories of haunted things behind…


Copyright © 2017 by Tamara Lakomy





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