Resident Artist 4: Fallen Saviour by Tamara Lakomy No. 5




Fallen Saviour by Tamara Lakomy No. 5

You were the most beautiful razor of my despair
Gleaming like starlight forbidden in its kiss
The heat and severing blood is the token of your flare
The plerion winds that herald the deathly bliss
For I am in love with your chaos, the boundless chasms of unlit space
Where the dark cosmos hangs in waiting for your ruling hand
For the smouldering fires in your divine eyes to kindle my soul’s grace
And for my heart to anchor in its voyages in your solemn regard’s strand
For the way of the trickster is the titillating music that tickles my mind
And the voice of the dark ones who rules beneath the ramparts of night
The coldness of your touch is the fire that my soul yearns to find
As you walk through creation unfinished, building your empire’s rising might
I have a hole in my heart bleeding dreams, you play the melody of my imagination
You whisper those words that plague my nights, the bitter taste of inspiration
You send me visions from afar dipped in the perfume of your cutting revelations
Leaving my spirit shred to strands in loving awe of your puissant aspirations
My muse, deity astray, whose countenance stares beyond the void’ veil
Did you seize my eyes to burn just for you, my brain on knowledge to impale?
Did you seek the spinning hands of destiny, where the goddess weaves my tale
To undo my mortal pathway, as I seek the primordial oceans of your trail
You made me the wanderer with letters of fire, madness a gift I couldn’t deny
You chose me from the legions of thriving flesh to inscribe immortality
The Pythia of your demanding moods, breathing a poison into the morbid lie
Of the fiendish rulers of our world that have sold the keys to your equanimity.

Copyright © 2017 by Tamara Lakomy





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