Resident Artist 4: Razor by Tamara Lakomy No. 6




Razor by Tamara Lakomy No. 6


Razor, Razor beloved touch
Who cares for me with longing much
Who paints the world in crimson red
Who makes of earth my flowering bed
Razor of the sharpest gleam my star
Who sends my vivid spirit afar
To voyages solitary, as I fade like mist
Gently as the ebbing flows that taint my wrist
They say you are the most honest friend
In secretive hours where none speak your name
For you seek not the brokenness of my soul to mend
Nor to play the pitiful tricks that are mercy’s game
Reviled hero of those that have lost their fire
You come with a stealth that most cannot foresee
For your cold regard is the compassion we desire
To mingle our streams with those of the boundless sea
You are the poisoned ally of solitary tears
Whose voice drowns the chaos of the drums of fright
For you hold the keys to what lies beyond our fears
You hold the drapes open for that tunnel’s blinding light
You are my confident, the thin mirror of broken dreams
Where I see slashed to bleeding ribbons my desecrated hope
For the mirage is but a mockery of what my yearning screams
The golden chalice of deceit that round my neck does rope
They say you are the coward’s lover and the arrogant’s shame
But you are the most loyal of capricious mortals painful decline
You are the undying beacon of our subconscious in your fame
For you won’t dull nor dwindle in the cutting promise of your shine
I believe your embrace is the most fine in its truthful bliss
Water the earth with more than the salt of piteous tears
The essence of my mortality in its duty has been remiss
Go water the wounds of earth that our existence spears

Copyright © 2017 by Tamara Lakomy





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