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William James Lindberg is more of a word musician than a page poet. The experience of words oscillating through his bones is the kindling that feeds the blazing frenzy of his pen. He learned the meaning of the word, poet by living on Capitol Hill in Seattle from 2003 to 2011. There he performed poetry at nearly every venue in the city. He also busked his word for a stint on street corners at Seattle's famous Pike Place Market. William believes that writing is best produced in community with others. He team-taught a workshop (Verbal Expression Lab in 2011) with Ahmed Teleb at Seattle Central Community College, coordinated a writers’ circle (2010 – 2011), co-organized a critique group with Carrie Albert (2006 – 2011), emceed a spoken word open mic in McMinnville & Newberg, and produced a cable access TV show that featured writers & artists (2001 – 2003). William currently lives a Henry David Thoreau fantasy in rural Grand Ronde, Oregon. In the solitude of a hidden valley he gardens words, publishes a zine called Randomly Accessed Poetics, publishes a chapbook series, and tends his websites &

Resident Artist 4: Addiction by Tamara Lakomy No. 3

      Addiction by Tamara Lakomy No. 3   For some are addicted to the flavour of pain And others to the kiss of the razor as it meets the vein For nothing is…