AT PRESENT, RANDOMLY ACCESSED POETICS IS A NON-PAYING PUBLICATION. A free digital download or a pdf copy will be made available to all contributors.

At this current junction in time, Randomly Accessed Poetics and its publisher Penhead Press is not a profitable company nor does it come close to breaking even. It is a hobby and a labor of love or a testament of my commitment to my spouse whose name happens to be poetry. I would love more than anything else to be compensated in cash for my skills as a poet writer, data formatter, and an artist, and I would love if I could offer payment for poems, images, and stories that I publish in the magazine.

For the Penhead Press chapbook series, I offer a fifty-fifty split on whatever royalties that may be generated through the sale of paper books or Kindle downloads (after publisher expenses have been paid). Royalty payments will be sent out quarterly, biannually, or yearly depending on units sold.


         – – -William James Lindberg. . .




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