NOTE 1: AT PRESENT RANDOMLY ACCESSED POETICS IS A NON-PAYING PUBLICATION. A free digital download or a pdf copy will be made available to all contributors. Print copies will be made available at a reduced cost.

NOTE 2: ACCEPTANCE means that Randomly Accessed Poetics™ HAS YOUR CONSENT not only TO PUBLISH your work online (at & or in the e-magazine, but also to perform minor structural edits. These edits could include correcting obvious misspellings or breaking lines to accommodate the average width of e-reader pages. If a major structural edit needs to be made, the editor will seek your permission first. The editor will not break lines on specifically metered form poems.

NOTE 3: Randomly Accessed Poetics™ provisionally accepts simultaneous submissions and previously published works. If you send a previously published work, please include the first place it was published. This includes your own personal blog. Furthermore, you may need to check with the first publisher to see if it is okay for your work to be reprinted in another journal. If you do not own the rights to your work (to have it reprinted), please do not send it.

NOTE 4: Print has been redefined to include online and electronic publication. This e-book is a print magazine.



This status would change if the volume of sales reached a certain threshold. I have been looking into doing a fundraiser so that I can give contributors a token payment. I will probably see if I can raise $5000.00, in 2015, to establish a budget where I can give each contributor a small measure of money per accepted submission.