PENHEAD PRESS CHALLENGE: #3 Six Words & 111 Words — by William James Lindberg


Six Words & 111 Words of Anything Goes

Azalea ran the numbers though Katz’s equation. Pushed the button. The machine clanged three times. The jackpot was hers.

Terry was in the playroom plugging tokens into the high-stakes claw machine. He maneuvered the claw over the thousand dollar bill, but won three butt plugs instead. Each time he grabbed his prize out of the slot, he shouted, “Look folks, another cliché!”

Azalea got careless. She was hauled out of the casino in chains.

Terry wrestled with the cops. He got a black eye. Later a sore bottom.

Katz was the big cheese of the operation. His brainiac hacks worked every time.

He kept himself out of danger with cunning schemes.


In this piece William James Lindberg used January’s six prompt words: equation, danger, playroom, azalea, cheese, cliché in combination with the 111 words of anything goes to create a short narrative.

You too can take up your pen and utilize the challenge forms to create something fun to read or write. These challenges are all about community. Writers can combine their skills together to create masterpieces. Perhaps masterpiece is shooting a bit high for what was written here. If you prefer these 111 words can be labeled as a disasterpiece. To participate click on the “A CHALLENGE” tab and choose which adventure you’d like to execute. The universe is the limit as to what you can do. But above all remember, these challenges are all about having fun.




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